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Jesús Carrasco: the spotlight

Jesús Carrasco: the spotlight © Raquel Torres. Cedida por Seix Barral

From inside his hole in the ground, he heard the sound of voices calling his name.

So begins Out in the open, by award winning Spanish author Jesús Carrasco. From its haunting opening words to its heartbreaking conclusion, Out in the open is a chilling dystopial novel that calls to mind the bleakness of McCarthy's The Road or Samuel Becket's theatre. A tale of life and death, right and wrong, terror and salvation.

We are introducing the English translation of Jesús Carrasco's firs novel, earning him the english PEN award and best seller in Europe. Besides, Jesús Carrasco will talk with the writer Hamilton Caín about being a writer and about Carrasco's impression about his first novel.

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