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Sicixia Sicixia

A sound technician tries to record in a tape the essence of the soul of Galicia: the voices and neighs at A Rapa das bestas, the foam of the waves climbing the steep slopes in Fisterra. The process, capturing and recording in a physical format the essence of a people, a landscape, is the same both if you watch Sicixia from outside or from inside, if we think of the main character, played by Monti Castiñeiras, or in the role behind the cameras of the director Ignacio Vilar. A process indistinguishable of falling in love, impossible if one’s not willing to be taken away by the green seaweed and the grey sky.

Sicixia is, then, a single love story where the loved objects: a woman, a sea, a land… are but reflections of a unique singularity, a multiplicity of converging destinations that meet in what once was, for ancient walkers who reached that point, the actual end of the world, the place where everything ended.

Free Admission. Open to the public.

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